UWorld vs SimpleNursing
Which is best for NCLEX?

High Quality Question Bank
w/ detailed rationales
3,000 questions
2,000 questions
Assessment exams
Included w/
One Included, but more
available at extra cost
Video Rationales for
audio/video learners
Every single question comes
with a video rationale 😊
Not available
Study Plan
Award winning step-by-step study
process that ensures successful outcomes
Not available
Over 1,200 videos and hundreds of hours
of fun & visual nursing video content 😮
Not available
Study Guides
Over 900 Study Guides
Strikingly creative cheat sheets
to help you master the topic.
Not available
Free Trial
Everything is free in a 48 hour trial.
Not available

SimpleNursing vs UWorld: which one is cheaper?

UWorld vs SimpleNursing pricing

It’s no secret that when you think of NCLEX prep tools, UWorld is one option that comes to mind due to its popularity. They are known for their question bank, and certainly look and feel like the NCLEX. As UWorld fans ourselves, we appreciate the initial level of quality they introduced to the exam prep market back in 2016 that had been missing for some time.

In this short write-up, we'll explore the features and benefits of UWorld compared to SimpleNursing - a tried and true nursing student video resource quickly gaining popularity for its modern NCLEX study plan. Whether you’re already a huge fan of SimpleNursing, or you’re just hearing about us for the first time - you might want to add us to your list of resources to research!

How They Compare

SimpleNursing and UWorld are similar in that we both have plenty of high quality questions that are designed to prepare you for and mimic the types of questions you’ll actually see on the NCLEX. Both have truly excellent written rationales that provide detail into understanding how/why you're answering questions correctly or incorrectly upon review. That is more or less where the similarities end.

In our opinion based on anonymous feedback from a survey of 1,000 nursing students, no other providers in the nursing market deliver such a quality NCLEX prep product. These two solutions truly sit at the top of the list.

The Differences

So what does SimpleNursing offer that UWorld doesn’t? A massive collection of remediation content that includes over a thousand fun and visual videos and 900+ study guides. You’ll be served all of the relevant, need-to-know content for the topics you struggle with most to ensure you fill your knowledge gaps.

With UWorld, you just take practice questions. Helpful, but what if you are weak in a particular area? How will you actually learn the concepts you need to understand in order to improve your retention and pass the NCLEX? I suppose you could go back and read through your textbook, but there is a better way.

Everyone learns and retains information differently, and reading textbooks or other content doesn’t work for everyone. In fact, increasingly, it doesn’t work for most. That’s why in addition to video based remediation, every single one of SimpleNursing’s questions also includes a video rationale. These 60 second clips deliver an additional resource for audio and video learners that details what you should focus on, what the question is asking, and how to best determine the answer. A real game changer for visual learners who often get distracted or discouraged during their study process.

Last but not least, we have the SimpleNursing Study Plan. The missing link between aimlessly studying for the NCLEX and actually scientifically preparing for it. Ever wonder why all NCLEX prep tools only provide a fend-for-yourself database of practice questions? Well, it's primarily because It’s very difficult to deliver a customized experience based on each student’s needs. Until Now.

Mike Linares along with other SimpleNursing personalities you know, like, and trust have delivered a customized study plan, based on a comprehensive assessment exam that comes included with a SimpleNursing NCLEX membership.

Based on the results from your exam, you will be served custom questions, remediation content and detailed review materials in an easy, step-by-step process. This process not only keeps you organized, but also maximizes your study time, efficiency, and reduces your anxiety. With all the analytics and stat tracking you could ask for. This is how studying for exams should be. This is SimpleNursing! Imagine, showing up on your write date CONFIDENT you will pass!

Make sure you purchase a prep that has a study plan to eliminate distractions, keep you organized and reduce your test-taking anxiety. UWorld doesn’t have one, and neither does any other NCLEX prep provider.

Try SimpleNursing for free today to find out what you’re missing out on.