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Study Bank

Key Features

  • Over 1,200 videos (900 NOT on Youtube)

  • 8 Minute powerful & to the point “Video Vault” Content 

  • 200 + Visual Study Guides

  • Learn Immediately

  • Memorization tips & tricks in each video 

  • Fun visual images and diagrams to help you master the topic

  • Step Above Membership Software 

  • Developed by the #1 Nursing Educator on Youtube & his experienced team


When I started this journey of nursing school I thought it was never going to be possible to finish. I couldn’t get my test scores out of the 70%. I found Simple Nursing and started sailing through exams in the high 80s!! I walked across the stage at my pinning yesterday! Can’t believe I’ve graduated, and know 100% I couldn’t have done it without Mike and simple nursing! Thank you for helping me understand. NCLEX75 here I come!!

Jennifer Clark

I just took my first test of 2nd semester on Tuesday, mind you I’m repeating… I missed passing 95% of my tests last semester by 1 point.

My score on my exam Tuesday… A perfect 30/30!!!

Thanks to Mike’s Study plan, and test taking points, and his countless videos on Med/surg content… I achieved what I never thought I could achieve..

Thank you Mike for all you do! You’re a true blessing to all of us Nursing Students!

Kimberly Thompson

I have never been a strong student. But the best nurses are the people who work with their heart and mind, a balance of both. Mr. Linares made it possible for me to have the tools needed to make my dream of becoming an RN a reality! My scores in pharm went from a 78.6 to over 88% by the end, all thanks to making Nursing Simple!

Zach Gordon

This past Friday I retook my Maternity Hesi and this time, I decided for my last week of Holiday break to just watch all of his OB videos. During my exam, I could literally see/hear him going over different areas as I was answering my questions. I am proud to say that with Mike’s help I received a score of 928 on my Maternity Hesi! You’re the best Mike, thanks for all you do!

Jay Browne

I was at risk for failing pharmacology. I just couldn’t get even the most basic material down. I also struggled with memorizing drug classes. With the help of Mike and SimpleNursing I was able to go from a 77% to a 91% in the class. I’m forever thankful for this program and plan on using it for future classes.

Megan Jeanne

Thanks to Mike’s program I was able to pass my final exam using the blueprint 2.0 for exams. I was able to bring my grade from a 67.50 to an 80%!!!! I will be using Mike’s program through the rest of nursing school.

Kimya Alford

BEST EVER!! I failed my Exit HESI with a 627 spent $$ on Hurst and uWorld. I decided to use simplenursing and I PASSED MY EXIT with a 1047!!! Mike makes it so easy to understand and his study method for retention was on point. I didn’t know I was studying the wrong way until I saw his video !! I RECOMMEND THIS TO EVERYONE!!! Do not hesitate this will save you during and after nursing school.

Katherine O’Rourke

I ran into simple nursing while I was taking pharm I had failed my first test (70% my school requires 76% to pass) I began to watch all his videos on YouTube the free ones and mike makes things easier to remember using clever pneumonics I was able to listen to it in my car while stuck In LA traffic which was also very convenient I ended up with an 89 in the class thanks

Osita Marie

Simple nursing is amazing! Mike’s videos have helped me get through my F&E and hematology exam. His study tips have increased my exam grades. I have gone from a 68% to 86%. Thank you Mike!

Yadira Jaber

The book was TOO MUCH to read and legit understand, and my grades were showing it! Because of these videos my classmates showed me, my grades went from 74% to 85%+! They really do help you understand and break things down for you. If you haven’t watched any, go see for yourself! Can’t wait to watch more for OB, I’m going to need all the help I can get! Thank you for creating this spectacular way to study!

Amy Stricklen

Thank you Mike so much for the awesome videos and preparation you create for us students who are struggling in the program. I went from a 70%to 88% on my pharm exam. I’m so happy I came across your videos and website. You’re amazing. I tell all my classmates about your videos and page! Once again thank you

Julissa Feliz