Pass Your Exams with Mike Linares’ Efficient Study Tips

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Are you having a difficult time studying for your upcoming exams? Here at, Mike Linares will let you in on a little secret – his study techniques to help succeed in your test.

It is imperative that you know these three things that Mike has emphasized so you can:

  • Cut your study time by 60%
  • Score a B on your next nursing exam

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who is going through a troublesome time reviewing and recalling all the nursing subjects
  • For those who have been out-of-school or out-of-service for a period of time and wanted to start again
  • For students whose exams are just around the corner

Finally, if you feel like you’re one of those students who has been given all the books, tools, PowerPoint materials, and nursing resources yet still don’t have any idea how to cross the bridge, this is for you.

The Three-Tip Manuscript

Mike has specified and outlined three study tips and called it the “Three-Tip Manuscript.” According to him, these are the techniques you need to pass your exams.

Tip 1: 15-Minute Increments

Blocking out two to three hours of straight study time is, according to studies, ineffective. Research has shown that comprehension and retention of information only work at the beginning and the end of every study session. Everything you’ve read in between will be forgotten the next day.

For that reason, it is advisable to cut study time by 15-minute increments with a quick break; and then proceed to the next 15 minutes. This technique is used so that distractions will not get in the way of your tedious three-hour traditional study time.

For example, if you’re studying cardiology for this day, choose a topic within cardiology and study that for 15 minutes. Once your 15 minutes is up, take a five-minute break, then review again for 15 minutes. You can repeat this until you’re done with the subject, or you’ve had enough studying for one day.

Basic rule: No distractions within those 15 minutes!

For 15 minutes, you will block out everything and everyone and just focus on the task at hand. So, that means there will be no social media, kids, hubby, household chores, and mobile phones. It is essential that whenever you “get in the zone” of those 15 minutes, you devote all of your attention to it. Do not allow time vampires to suck that time from you.

Also, you can make as many 15-minute increments as you want. So, set that timer and get a hold of those 15 minutes you deserve.

Tip 2: Note Cards

After those 15-minute increments, go through all the information you’ve highlighted which you think are crucial to review. Now, take all of those highlighted information and write them down on note cards. What are you expected to write on your note cards?

  • Important keywords and phrases
  • Five thought-provoking questions that will be written on the back of every note card
  • Answers to the questions

Why choose note cards?

  • They will cut your study time by understanding only the key concepts
  • They are more convenient to carry; you can bring it anywhere and study instantly
  • They are fun and friendly because note cards help you focus on the fundamentals

Tip 3: 50 – 100 NCLEX® Questions

Now that you have your note card packed with all those vital concepts, you can use what you’ve learned, then apply it by answering 50 – 100 NCLEX® questions. When studying to answer NCLEX® questions, always think about keywords. Every NCLEX® question has a specific keyword that you need to watch out for and relate to. So your keywords will come in handy once you read through those NCLEX® questions.

Take as many NCLEX® questions as you can because the more you answer, the less anxious you become and the more relaxed and comfortable you’ll feel once you take the actual test.

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