IM Injections in Nursing [with Download]

Nurse giving intramuscular injection (IM)

Students need to know how to perform IM injections for everyday nursing practice. It’s a common route of administration for many medications, particularly those that can’t be given orally. 

What are intramuscular injections (IMs)?

Intramuscular (IM) injections are a type of medication administration that involves delivering medication directly into a muscle. 

They’re used when a medication needs to be absorbed quickly, and the oral route is not appropriate. Examples of medications that may be given via IM injection include vaccines, antibiotics, and some hormonal medications.

Knowing how to administer IM injections safely and correctly is important to avoid complications such as infections, nerve damage, or tissue damage. As a nurse, you need to understand the anatomy of the muscle and how to select an appropriate injection site. 

You should also know the proper needle length, gauge, and injection technique for different types of patients and medications.

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Nursing students must understand the proper documentation and medication reconciliation process associated with IM injections – for both exams and nursing practice.

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