NGN Multiple Response: New NCLEX Questions

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Starting April 2023, the NCLEX will have a new format and question types, including four new question types (or items): Matrix Multiple Response, Multiple Response Select All That Apply, Multiple Response Select N, and Multiple Response Grouping.

On the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN), Multiple Response items present a set of answer choices, with each row having multiple options and the test-taker required to select one or more options in each row. 

Multiple Response Matrix vs Select All That Apply vs Select N vs Grouping Items

  • Matrix Multiple Response items consist of four to ten rows with two or three options per row, requiring one response per row to continue to the next question.
  • Multiple Response Select All That Apply items include five to ten options with one or multiple correct responses, with up to all ten options being correct.
  • Multiple Response Select N items differ from other multiple response types in that the test-taker must select a limited number of keys based on the item.
  • Multiple Response Grouping items have a table with two to five groupings, each with two to four options, requiring at least one selection from each grouping.

How to Answer Multiple Response Questions on the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN)

To answer these types of questions, nursing test-takers will need to carefully review the provided answer choices and select the appropriate options. 

  • For Matrix Multiple Response items, they must select one or more options in each row. 
  • For Multiple Response Select All That Apply items, they must select all options that apply to the stem. 
  • For Multiple Response Select N items, they must choose the specific number of correct answer choices from the provided list. 
  • For Multiple Response Grouping items, they must select and group the answer choices into the appropriate categories.

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