NGN Highlight: New NCLEX Questions

ngn highlight title card

Starting in April 2023, the NCLEX will feature a revised format and a range of new question types. Two of the latest question types test-takers will encounter on the updated Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) are Highlight Text and Highlight Table items.

These two items require the test-taker to identify important information within a passage of text or a table of data. You answer them by paying close attention to any keywords or phrases that may guide you in identifying the important information, then highlighting them.

Highlight Text vs Table Items

For both these items, responses are tokenized. There can be a maximum of ten options, and test-takers can select or deselect options based on their understanding.

With Highlight Text items, test-takers have to identify critical elements in the given text to determine the appropriate course of action. And with Highlight Table items, test-takers are provided a table to determine the right answers. 

How to Answer a Highlight Question on the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN)

To answer Highlight Text items on the NGN, identify the important information being asked for in the question stem, such as a specific concept, definition, or piece of data. Then you highlight the relevant text within the passage of text that answers the question stem.

Similar to Highlight Text items, data is provided with a question stem to carefully understand the context and the information being presented. From a table of data, you highlight the relevant cells or rows that answer the question stem.

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