NCLEX Drop Down Cloze, Rationale, and Table Questions

SimpleNursing Editorial Team Mar 28, 2023
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Starting April 2023, the NCLEX has introduced a new format with several new question types. Three of the new next gen NCLEX question types are Drop Down Cloze, Drop Down Rationale, and Drop Down Table items.

These items (questions) require the test-taker to select the correct response from a drop-down list of options.

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  1. Drop Down Cloze vs Rationale vs Table Items
  2. How to Answer a Drop Down Question on the Next Gen NCLEX

  • Drop Down Cloze items include a paragraph with one or more drop-down options to complete the paragraph, with each option having three to five possible answers.
  • Drop Down Rationale items includes one sentence with one cause, one effect, and another effect, which can be a dyad or a triad.
  • Drop Down Table items include one sentence with one cause and one effect, or one sentence with one cause and two effects, which can also be a dyad or a triad. Each drop-down option can have three to five choices.

How to Answer a Drop Down Question on the Next Gen NCLEX

To answer these types of questions, test-takers will need to carefully read the provided question and the options presented in the drop-down list. They must select the appropriate option that best completes the sentence, rationale, or table. 

  • With Drop Down Cloze items, you select the correct term or phrase to complete a sentence or statement from a drop-down list. 
  • With Drop Down Rationale items, you select the appropriate rationale for a given nursing action or intervention. 
  • With Drop Down Table items, you select the appropriate option from a drop-down list to complete a table.

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