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Frequently asked questions

How does the new NCLEX Free Trial work?

The new NCLEX Free Trial is an all access 48 hour pass to the full breadth of the SimpleNursing NCLEX content. Want to know exactly what you will see and have access to before you start a membership? No problem, start your free 48 hour FT here

Help I cannot sign up for the NCLEX Free Trial?

We have set up the NCLEX Free Trial to be limited to one 48 hour free trial per student, owing to the all access nature of the free trial. If for some reason you started an NCLEX free trial and did not access it, feel free to contact customer service at 702-819-6645 and we will restart that free trial for you!

What features and benefits are included with my NCLEX membership purchase?

Upgrading your NCLEX free trial to a membership will allow you to maintain access to all 18 lectures in the NCLEX Lecture Series & ALL of our 1,200+ video library content & 900+ study guides & the NCLEX Study Plan - a 15 day personalized journey that focuses on your opportunity areas and knowledge gaps to cut down study time. Not sure how to go about studying for the NCLEX? We provide a personalized study plan that allows you to follow along by completing assigned quizzes, reviewing remediation videos & study guides, on a guided path to NCLEX success!

How do I cancel my NCLEX membership?

Please go into the Settings page and select the red “Cancel” link and follow the prompts.

If I cancel my NCLEX membership, what happens to my existing NCLEX membership I paid for?

If you cancel your membership, you will not lose access to the features until your next renewal date. Meaning, if you cancel today, you won’t lose access to your paid membership privileges until your next renewal date.

What is the difference between the Remediation Video Library vs the NCLEX Review Lecture Series?

a. The NCLEX Review Lecture Series is the perfect review course like you would find with other providers like Kaplan, Hurst etc. These masterclass-style on-demand videos focus on the most highly-tested topics on the NCLEX.

b.The Remediation Video Library is meant as a refresher to fill your knowledge gaps. These include all the same videos that have helped over 1,000,000 nursing students pass nursing school.

How long does it take to view all NCLEX Review Lecture Series videos?

The Lecture Series has 18 hours of video content. We recommend watching no more than 3 hours of content per day while also carving out time for taking 75 practice questions. Don't forget to take advantage of the notes section on the Lecture Series page!!!

Do you offer resources to help prepare for the new NGN NCLEX questions?

Coming soon! We will have question types that will mimic the NGN questions that you will experience on the NCLEX when it is updated in Spring 2023. The material stays the same so you are already prepping for these questions. The questions we are adding will just give you the reps to feel comfortable with this new style of questions!