What is NCLEX ATT?

SimpleNursing Editorial Team Apr 21, 2023
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Passing the NCLEX is a critical step in the process of becoming a licensed registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN). The NCLEX Authorization to Test (ATT) is issued by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) after a nursing postgraduate has completed the required education and application process. 

Nursing postgraduates must meet eligibility requirements and apply through their state board of nursing to obtain the ATT. 

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  1. What is NCLEX Authorization to Test (ATT)?
  2. How to Obtain an NCLEX Authorization to Test (ATT)
  3. What to do once you have NCLEX Authorization to Test (ATT)?

What is NCLEX Authorization to Test (ATT)?

NCLEX Authorization to Test (ATT) is a document that grants a nursing postgraduate permission to take the NCLEX exam. The NCLEX is a standardized test that is used to determine if a candidate is qualified to become a licensed RN or LPN. The NCLEX exam is developed and administered by the NCSBN.

How to Obtain an NCLEX Authorization to Test (ATT)

To obtain the NCLEX Authorization to Test (ATT), a nursing postgraduate must first meet the eligibility requirements. These requirements vary by state but generally include graduating from an accredited nursing program and completing any necessary background checks or fingerprinting. 

Once the eligibility requirements have been met, the postgraduate can apply for the NCLEX exam through their state board of nursing.

After the application has been submitted, the nursing postgraduate will receive an Authorization to Test (ATT) notification from Pearson VUE, the testing company that administers the NCLEX exam. The notification will include information about how to schedule the exam and the deadline for taking the exam.

What to do once you have NCLEX Authorization to Test (ATT)?

Once a nursing postgraduate has received their NCLEX Authorization to Test (ATT), it’s important to schedule the exam as soon as possible. The deadline for taking the exam is included in the notification, so it’s essential to plan accordingly.

On exam day, nursing postgraduates should arrive at the testing center early and bring a valid photo ID, as well as any other required documentation. The NCLEX exam is computerized and adaptive, and has what they call next gen NCLEX questions, which means that the difficulty of the questions will adjust based on the postgraduate’s answers. 

The exam can take up to six hours to complete with 145 max number of questions, but most nursing postgraduates finish in less time.

Start Your Nursing Career on the Right Path

With the right preparation and mindset, nursing postgraduates can pass the NCLEX exam and begin their nursing careers. 

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