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Knowing lab values is essential for assessing a patient’s health status in nursing practice, as well as passing exams in nursing school.

By mastering the interpretation and application of lab values, you’ll be prepared to provide safe and effective patient care and succeed in your nursing education and career.

How to Remember Lab Values

Lab values can be tough to remember, so start by focusing on the most common ones. 

  1. Keep the information in context. For example, when you’re studying blood pressure and heart rate lab values, think about how one could affect the other.
  1. Connect the lab value and something familiar to you, like your favorite food. If you can connect a lab value with something easy for your brain to remember, it’ll be easier for your brain to recall later.
  1. Practice makes (near) perfect. Memorizing lab values may take time, but with enough effort, they’ll stick with you throughout your entire career.

And remember, memorizing values is not quite as important as understanding them thoroughly. When you understand what a lab value means in the context of a medical condition, you can put it in its place and know how to respond when you see it.

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