Tips and Strategies on How to Prepare for the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN)

SimpleNursing Editorial Team Apr 10, 2024
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  1. Understand the NGN format.
  2. Review New Content Areas.
  3. Practice time management.

As a recent nursing school graduate, you may have heard about the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN), which is a current version of the NCLEX-RN exam. 

The NGN is designed to reflect the changing healthcare environment better, and to ensure that nurses have the knowledge and skills needed to provide safe and effective patient care. Since the NGN rolled out in April 2023, it’s important that you incorporate Next Gen NCLEX practice questions into your study plan

Here are some next gen NCLEX tips on how to prepare for the NGN.

1. Understand the Next Gen NCLEX format.

One of the key differences between the current NCLEX-RN exam and the NGN is the format. The NGN will feature a variety of new question types, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with them to practice answering them. This will help you to build the skills and confidence needed to succeed on the NGN.

2. Review New Content Areas on the NGN.

Another important step in preparing for the NGN is to review the content areas covered on the exam. While the NGN will still cover the same content areas as the current NCLEX-RN exam, the emphasis may shift slightly. For example, the NGN may emphasize areas such as community health, patient safety, and pharmacology.

To prepare for the NGN, consider reviewing your nursing school textbooks and notes and any additional study materials you may have. Consider taking an NCLEX prep course or using an online study platform that’s specifically designed for the NGN.

It’s also important to keep up-to-date with current healthcare trends and issues. The NGN is designed to test your ability to apply nursing knowledge in a real-world setting, so staying informed about current healthcare events can help you better understand how the content areas covered on the NGN relate to actual patient care.

3. Practice time management.

Time management is always important when taking an exam, but it will be especially critical on the NGN. The NGN is designed to be more interactive and may take longer to complete than the current NCLEX-RN exam. Additionally, the NGN may require test-takers to spend more time on each question.

How to Study for the Next Gen NCLEX

To prepare for the NGN, practice managing your time effectively. Consider taking practice exams or quizzes and timing yourself to see how long it takes you to answer each question. This can help you to get a feel for how much time you should allocate for each question on the NGN.

It’s also important to take breaks and manage your energy levels during the exam. The NGN is expected to take several hours to complete, so you’ll want to make sure you have enough stamina to make it through the entire exam.

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Preparing for the NGN may seem daunting, but with the right strategies and tools, you can succeed. By understanding the NGN format, reviewing content areas, and practicing time management, you can build the skills and confidence needed to pass the exam. 

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