How It Works

How It Works 2017-11-15T14:59:30-08:00
  • Step 1: Before you get started we HIGHLY advise students to complete the Study Formula, Test Taking Strategies, and Time Management Courses included in all Membership levels.

    • These will help you immensely to optimize your study time and provides helpful tips and tricks to conquer your next exam.
  • Step 2: Breakout your class schedule from school. Find the topic you will be learning about next and start watching the correlating videos within the membership site. The videos are meant to be watched before going to class hence the name “Pre-lecture Videos”.

    • This will help you formulate a basic understanding of the topic and terminology you will soon learn and hear about in class.
  • Step 3: Review the “Study Guides” and “Quick Notes Downloads” tabs for additional resources available to you.

    • Feel free to print out the notes and study guides included in your membership.