5 Tips For Managing Nursing School Stress

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Helpful techniques for surviving nursing school… from the experts that know.

It’s no surprise that nursing school is not only difficult to get into, but once you’re in, the real stress has only just begun. Surviving the entire nursing school process can often feel like a daunting and overwhelming feat. From classwork to clinicals, there’s an enormous amount of pressure that runs parallel with the pursuit of having a career in the nursing field.

Any tricks, hacks, techniques or “how-to’s” you can find, are definitely worth checking out. You never know what information might be sticky enough to become your new positive learning habits. ??

And these 5 simple tips from our friendly educational experts have been said to reduce nursing school jitters, increase confidence, and keep you in the game: 

No.1 – STUDY 

Just like with one of the top fears/ phobias in the world (public speaking) the primary way to reduce such anxiety while increasing your confidence, is to be prepared. Whether a test, presentation, or simply being observed by an instructor/ doctor or authority in your field of study… being fully prepared will give your confidence the boost it needs by simply knowing you have retained the necessary information. This one crucial action alone will calm your nerves, and give you a real advantage among any procrastinating classmates choosing not to do the same.


When faced with multiple tests/ exams, deadlines, assignments, and a plethora of expectations from your instructors… it is vital that you take ownership of your time. While we all have different styles of time management and keeping ourselves in a system or routine, there’s really no “right” way to create a schedule. So the most effective way to establish a solid routine for yourself is by creating a customized system that works specifically for YOU. Simply setting the goal to always stay AHEAD of your educational demands will effectively reduce any unnecessary, and additional, stress


There are so many different facets to explore within the nursing field, that by even minimizing your career objectives to “nursing” alone could possibly dismiss the key foundational aspects you might find to be your truest passion. From pediatrics to aesthetics, it’s truly necessary to lean into all nursing elements and options that bring you real excitement as you move through your classes and clinicals. These passionate understandings may evolve/ change as you learn and grow closer to your career goal in the medical field… and that’s totally okay. The real objective isn’t to pick your career in your first week of classes, but to stay engaged with the aspects that truly ignite your passion.


In all reality, you could throw a rock and accidentally hit someone who’s been enrolled in a nursing program or is currently working in some facet of the field. Take advantage of these opportunities to meet them. Reach out, ask questions, utilize every moment allowed that they’re willing to share with you. The wisdom of another who’s been through the same process is truly priceless. (If anything, simply because they’re living proof that YOU can also make it through nursing school to find yourself in the career you’re working diligently toward.)


You matter. Your mental and physical health are truly just as important as the grade you receive on your final exam. So, if you don’t already have a hobby you can use as an outlet – make it happen. Whether physical, creative, or not at all related to nursing… find one quickly. This could be yoga, rock climbing, painting, knitting, cooking, or even gaming… just as long as it allows you to do something that provides you with joy, happiness, and a sense of fulfillment, to allow for those necessary moments of separation from the looming pressures of nursing school.

Always remember that this path is YOURS to walk. Embrace the resources available to you for traveling this journey with less stress, more confidence, and real opportunity to truly find yourself in a fulfilling career you love, while serving and helping others. SimpleNursing will always have your back… so be sure to follow us, keep in touch, and let us know what you need to feel confident in this brave new venture.