Ace Your NCLEX and Exit Exam in 3 Outrageously Simple Steps

Hello, we are back to give you the simplest, most uncomplicated way possible to get you through your exams, whether it’s the HESI or ATI or even your NCLEX. Comprehensive exams are something that student look forward to but wish would never happen. It’s probably one of the most stressful times in a nursing student’s [...]

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Hematology for Leukemia and Blood-Related Cancers – Part 1

Hello. We will be discussing leukemia and its pathophysiology with its different types. What is leukemia? Leukemia is cancer in the blood. “Leuk” came from the immature white blood cells known as blasts; while “-emia” means condition. Basically, what happens with leukemia is that there is an increased production of blood which caused crowding inside [...]

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Psychiatric Pharmacology Made Easy – Part 1

One of the biggest topics in nursing school is psychiatric pharmacology. Here at, we breakdown every single vital information and present it to you in the simplest possible way. Before going into the drugs that are primarily used for psychiatric patients, we will first tackle the pathophysiology. You have to keep in mind that [...]

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EKG Rhythms: Learn Accurate Interpretation in 3 Easy Steps – Part 2

Whether you’ve been out of school for 30 years or more, or finishing your nursing school but still have no idea how to do proper EKG interpretation and how the concepts work, this is for you. For anyone of you who has trouble understanding the basics, Mike has made it uncomplicated to comprehend and remember [...]

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Cholinergic and Anticholinergic Pharmacology Made Easy

Today, we’ll be focusing our attention on anticholinergic bronchodilators. In the simplest sense, you anticholinergic bronchodilators are your drugs that have the capacity to turn off the system in your body that causes the fight and flight reaction. To explain further… Sympathetic versus Parasympathetic So, there are two systems involved – the sympathetic nervous system [...]

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Arterial Blood Gases Uncomplicated Study Guide – Part 4

One of the most difficult, confusing topics in your nursing fundamentals would be determining whether your patient is alkalotic or acidotic. To help you create a more functional method of expertly distinguishing your respiratory and metabolic acidosis and alkalosis, has created the marching band suit especially for you. What is the marching band suit? [...]

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Fun Stress-Free Ways to Identify Isotonic, Hypertonic, and Hypotonic Solutions – Part 2

Hello guys. Mike’s back for part 2 of your IV solutions namely: isotonic, hypertonic, and hypotonic. At, we turn your frown upside down by filtering all those unnecessary details and focusing on the ones that matter… the ones that will definitely show up on your exams. A brief recap In part 1, we’ve discussed [...]

Foolproof Techniques to Easily Memorize Respiratory Drugs

Imagine having your very own technique for memorizing all the respiratory drugs. At, we’ve put out our drug cards and made easier for you to remember one of the most complicated sets of medications in your nursing career. Mike has stated that you just have to remember two categories when dealing with respiratory drugs [...]

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Fun Stress-Free Ways to Identify Isotonic, Hypertonic, and Hypotonic Solutions – Part 1

Let’s face it, intravenous (IV) solutions, are burdensome to remember.  It’s confusing! It gets even more complicated if it shows up during your examination. How are you going to differentiate one fluid from another? If you are not familiar with the concepts of each IV solution, chances are, you’ll flunk your exam. If only there’s [...]

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Improve Intramuscular Injection Skills to Ace Your Clinical Demonstration

At, we simplify those complicated lessons and demonstrations for you. Today, Mike will be walking you through the proper way of performing an intramuscular (IM) injection to increase your knowledge and skills and pass that clinical demonstration in flying colors. Let’s begin. Intramuscular (IM) injection is a method used in the healthcare setting to [...]

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