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Hepatology 101: What are the Different Liver Labs?

There’s a recycling company inside the body that manufactures three important elements that keep the body going – albumin, bile, and coagulation factors – or what we call the ABCs. Keep this acronym in mind because it will be useful when remembering the different components that the liver produces that will be discussed due to [...]

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Pediatric Renal Diseases: Nursing Process of Urinary Tract Infection

One of the most common genitourinary diagnoses about minors, especially inside the emergency room, is urinary tract infection (UTI). We’ve already discussed the pathophysiology of UTI in our previous lecture. Now, we’ll be going through the nursing process. UTI Occurrence There is a higher prevalence of urinary tract infection in females than in males due [...]

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Respiratory Pharmacology Review Part 3: Effects of Methylxanthines

Theophylline, the well-known methylxanthine drug, is going to be discussed in this article along with its effects on the body and adverse reactions. What are Methylxanthines? Methylxanthines are drugs used to treat lung conditions such as COPD and asthma by controlling the wheezing and preventing difficulty of breathing. Theophylline helps to relax smooth muscles, widening [...]

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Cardiovascular Physiology Part 1: An Introduction to the Pumping Station of the Body

Cardiovascular physiology is primarily focused on getting to know the basic structures of the heart, how these structures work, and what areas are involved in electrical conductivity. Functions of the Cardiovascular System Realizing the main functions of the cardiovascular system is necessary for understanding the physiology of the body. With the heart’s intricate pathways of [...]

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NSAIDs Pharmacology: An Analgesics Review

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs are pain medications that bring down any inflammation inside the body without affecting the adrenal glands. In this lecture, we’ll go through the following: How inflammation is formed The common types of NSAIDs How NSAIDs work The antipyretic property of NSAIDs So, let’s get right to it. Pathophysiology When the [...]

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What You Need to Know about Sympathomimetic Drugs

Here, we’ll be going right into the anaphylactic drugs. While eating at a restaurant, your patient has suddenly developed an anaphylactic reaction after devouring a plateful of mixed seafood. After a couple of minutes, the person goes into a severe allergic reaction. The moment a person experiences an anaphylaxis due to something he or she [...]

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Fundamentals of Nursing: Patient Prioritization

Patient prioritization is a nursing fundamental that is exercised in various hospital settings, especially after the patient has gone through a traumatic situation or surgery. After going through the importance of prioritizing airway, breathing, and circulation, we’ll head on to the other concerns that nurses should focus on. In this lecture, we’ll consider a patient [...]

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A Simplified Overview of Meningitis

Swelling of the meninges, that’s the basic meaning of meningitis; there is the presence of inflammation due to several external and internal factors. The types of meningitis entirely depend on what caused the condition in the first place.   To start this lecture, let’s talk about how the meninges have gotten infected and became impaired. [...]

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Fundamentals of Pharmacology: Oral and Sublingual Routes

In this pharmacology fundamentals discussion, we’ll talk about the different routes of administration, mainly the oral and sublingual routes. We’ll get into the what each route is, how it is given, and the nursing considerations. We'll also include the five administration abbreviations that are usually written on charts and forms by physicians. The Oral Route [...]

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TPN: Nursing Indications, Considerations, and Goals

Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) is a medical method that is given to patients, bypassing the gastrointestinal system. What are the causes why patients are placed on total parenteral nutrition? In this section, we’ll be discussing the nursing indications, considerations, and goals, and everything there is to know about TPN. Defining TPN Total parenteral nutrition is [...]

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