Mike Linares MSN, RN

Owner & Founder

Education :

Associate Degree in Nursing, Cerritos Nursing School Master of Science in Nursing, Capella University | Specialization: Nursing Education

"Mike Linares has over a decade of experience in the medical field, beginning with four years as an ambulance worker in Orange County followed by another four years as an EMT, during which he also taught EKG for paramedics. His journey continued as he transitioned to become a registered nurse. Despite facing challenges in nursing school and initially failing out, Mike's determination led him to develop effective study techniques. He successfully petitioned to re-enter nursing school by demonstrating his commitment through the creation of a nursing boot camp. This experience inspired him to create study materials for friends, which proved highly successful. This success story culminated in the founding of SimpleNursing, a platform dedicated to providing accessible and effective study resources for nursing students."

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