Archer vs SimpleNursing
Which is best for NCLEX prep?

NCLEX Question Bank Size
3,000+ Questions
Including 1,400+ NGN Questions
2,800+ Questions
Including 800+ NGN Questions
NCLEX Readiness
Assessment Exams
Unlimited exams

Questions written by former NCLEX writers, served via CAT technology. Results let you know if you are ready for the NCLEX.
Unlimited exams

Includes CAT technology & gives a pass prediction
Detailed rationales for
correct & incorrect answers
Written & video rationales
Not available
Streaming NCLEX
NCLEX Review Lecture Series

Nurse Mike reveals the most effective test taking strategies,
watch the trailer.
On-Demand & In-Person Lectures

Review video lectures at your own pace or have an interactive live review.
Remediation Video
1,200+ Animated Videos
Featuring hosts you know & trust
Crash Course Videos
Covering all topics on the NCLEX
Remediation Cheat
900+ Study Guides
Colorful illustrations full of memory tricks
IntensePrep e-Book
Free Trial
Not available
Ranges from $89 to $299 😍
Ranges from $89 to $599! 😱
Based on features as of February 2024. Features are subject to change.

Which one will help me pass the NCLEX?

Studying for the NCLEX is a stressful period, and there are numerous options for NCLEX prep.

Both Archer and SimpleNursing can help you pass the NCLEX, as everyone learns and retains information differently. So it's all about choosing the right option for YOU.

We think SimpleNursing should be your choice if you:

  • Learn better through engaging video content & creative memory tricks
  • Want the larger NCLEX question bank, including way more NGN questions
  • Want access to the best NCLEX lectures whenever and wherever you want

If the above sounds like you and you want to pass the NCLEX, then we highly encourage you to check out our free trial.

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