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The story of SimpleNursing begins with Mike Linares’ drive, which continues today with continuous success stories from nursing graduates.

Meet Nurse Mike (Mike Linares) – the Man, Myth, and Nursing Legend

In 2012 (while attending Cerritos Nursing School in Southern California) our fearless leader, founder and CEO – Nurse Mike Linares, was called into his Dean’s office to receive perilous news about his upcoming mid-term. 

His dean explained how he needed a score of at least 90%, or he’d be forced into remediation for the entire semester. Unfortunately for Mike (and numerous other nursing students across the United States & Canada) remediation shatters all hope of becoming a nurse… while disappointment and debt inevitably follow. 

Nearly 70% of all nursing students placed in remediation programs, ultimately spend more money on their education – many of whom still fail to graduate. Even when nursing students successfully remediate, they’ll sequentially face additional expenses, significant delays in graduation, and workforce integration.

It seemed like no matter how hard he tried, or how much time he spent studying, he just couldn’t score high enough on his exams to meet this requirement. 

Mike recognized how unproductive “textbook” style learning was for him, while he struggled to retain the lecture-based information presented by his instructors. All the information he would find in his classroom notes would seemingly never be the content he was actually tested on his exams. 

He saw countless classmates struggling from the very same challenges… even observing more than 33% of his class having “flunked out” before making it to the halfway point. 

Mike began a quest to find nursing students with the same exact issues, and the statistics were startling. He discovered alarming evidence that attrition rates in American nursing schools are shockingly high – even finding a study citing nearly 65% of college students are visual learners.

Nurse Mike

He realized that the nursing education system (along with its instruction practices) were truly outdated. 

Clearly, the industry needed new and modernized teaching tools that actually served the entire student population… not just remaining stagnant within traditional student classroom learning. 

He found that by supplementing fun, highly visual video lectures, memory tricks, and one-page study guides, he’d increased his exam scores by over 28%

This ultimately lead to his successful remediation and graduation from nursing school (and later earning his master’s in nursing education). After graduation (while working for a local Los Angeles hospital), he spent nights and weekends filming content to publish for his peers on Youtube… and thus SimpleNursing was born!

Why SimpleNursing for Your Studying Needs

What started as an idea to help a FEW, became a mission to help all.

Today, SimpleNursing is the most trusted resource for nursing students worldwide.

Our dynamic exam preparation and e-learning technology provide nursing students with the knowledge and resources critical for success in today’s most competitive nursing programs. 

Our Core Values and Mission

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Nurse Mike remains relentless in this mission through various collaborations among the leading edge of nursing educators, hosting podcasts, and creating the most fun, engaging content, which we hope will someday become the standard for ALL nursing education institutions to follow.

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