3 Simple Steps to Succeed in Nursing School

SimpleNursing Editorial Team Dec 18, 2017
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  1. Step 1 – Mike’s study formula
  2. Step 2 – Advanced test-taking strategies
  3. Step 3 – Access to Mike’s video vault

Ever feel like you’re walking on the edge of a nursing school cliff, trying so hard not to lose your balance between your dreams of becoming a nurse and your life?

If your answer is a resounding “yes” then you might be able to relate to Jamie.

Like any other nursing student who has built a dream on succeeding in nursing school, Jamie aspires to achieve the same. Even with two kids, Jamie strives hard to focus, spending her sleepless nights studying. This routine has stressed Jamie out and her efforts led her to barely minimum results. This is like flipping a coin for her family’s future.

To make matters more complicated, whenever she sits in class, she couldn’t figure out what her instructors are saying; like they were speaking Greek or an entirely different language. Jamie does her best to concentrate, understand, and absorb all the lectures being presented, which are crucial in passing her exams. However, her focus is a complete mess. This entirely repetitive process is frustrating, humiliating, and downright maddening.

Jamie is desperate. She wants to succeed and wants her life back, too.

Thankfully, at SimpleNursing.com, Jamie can have both.

SimpleNursing.com has unlocked the secrets to paving the way to that seemingly elusive success in your nursing student journey. These three essential and effective ways presented by Mike, are the things that your instructors didn’t want you to know.

So, if you wish to…

  • Finally, understand lectures in class with clarity
  • Double your productivity
  • Enjoy at least 60% less study time
  • Dramatically reduce stress and anxiety
  • Conquer sleepless night study sessions

SimpleNursing.com has it all figured out for you. This system is certified to improve your test-taking strategies, resulting in a significant boost in your test scores. With Mike’s three-step program, you can become the super nurse you dreamed to be and someday, save the world.

Success Stories

With over 40,000 students just like Jamie and more than four million YouTube views with amazing success stories, SimpleNursing.com has the three-step recipe for the nursing victory you never knew you needed.

Be like Shauna. She’s currently living in San Francisco raising three kids. But that didn’t stop her from achieving a score of 94% on her pharmacology midterm exam.

Daniel, who lives in Orlando, failed the NCLEX® three times before he found out about SimpleNursing.com. Using the techniques he memorized, he was able to pass the exam with flying colors.

Rhonda who is from Charlotte, North Carolina, was able to improve her GPA from 2.8 to 3.65 just by utilizing Mike’s blueprint for success.

Stop suffering and start dominating. Feel the excitement and not the exhaustion. It’s high time that you side with the winning team.

The goal of SimpleNursing.com is simple: we help you study less and gain more time for yourself and your family.

Unraveling Mike’s Secrets

Curious to know what’s in Mike’s three-step method that will help you succeed in your nursing school goals?

Step 1 – Mike’s study formula

In this step, you will know how to effectively use your time to study. You’ll be able to:

  • Discover the realities of studying
  • Learn how to better organize content retention
  • Gain more time and enjoy your social and family life

SimpleNursing.com has spent over three years of research to come up with the most efficient study formula that is currently used by thousands of students across the country and around the globe.

Step 2 – Advanced test-taking strategies

Redesign your stressful study habits into an uncomplicated learning process. Discover 100% useful content to efficient ways of passing each test with ease and less anxiety.

Step 3 – Access to Mike’s video vault

Uncover quality nursing study materials that will serve as your secret weapon to help you dominate your course. This vault contains more than 900 nursing tutorial videos with 10 complete courses that include:

  • Pharmacology – 92 videos
  • Medical Surgical – 550 videos
  • Fluids and Electrolytes – 21 videos
  • EKGs – 35 videos
  • ABGs – four videos
  • Psychiatric clinical skills – 52 videos
  • A couple of critical thinking and time management videos
  • And so much more!

Mike’s nursing videos are straightforward and focus mainly on important information that is essential to passing your test.  Save your time from going through mind-blowing textbooks that you can’t even understand.

Mike does everything for you – from highlighting to summarizing only what matters. Just click play and start learning the vital content to pass your next test. It’s that easy!

But that’s just the start. SimpleNursing.com has more to offer.

Bonus 1: Unlimited access

If you join our diamond plan, you can get unlimited access to the following subjects:

  • EKG course
  • Pharmacology boot camp
  • Fluids and electrolytes radio
  • System 5 course

Once your monthly membership expires, you can still have access to the abovementioned subjects for free.

Bonus 2: Live webcam sessions

By joining our diamond or annual membership, you will be able to gain access to our live webcam sessions monthly. If you have a question in mind, get your answers firsthand during our live sessions.

Bonus 3: Personalized videos

Do you want to see videos that are not included in the playlist? If you join our diamond or annual membership, you can personally request videos to be made to aid you in studying.

Bonus 4: Video vault

Get two months of access to Mike’s vault with more than 900 videos by joining our exclusive diamond plan. Hurry, this plan is limited only to 50 students per quarter! Once the slots are filled out, you would have to wait until additional slots are available.

Don’t miss this chance and avail of these bonuses only at SimpleNursing.com.

End your suffering and start dominating!

Take it from Nikki of Arkansas who is a mother of three and was able to improve her test average from 70% to 83%. Or Kate from Texas who took her time off to take care of his very active boys was able to ace her NCLEX® in all 75 questions just by joining Mike’s program.

If you want to be like Nikki, Kate or the 40,000 nursing students who have used Mike’s system and succeeded, now is the time to take action. All you have to do is sign up for our monthly plan worth $39.95. You can also get a discount of up to 38% off of our annual membership plan or save 63% off with our exclusive diamond membership plan.

You can now relax because SimpleNursing.com will help you succeed and get your life back.

Want to ace Nursing School Exams & the NCLEX?

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Before starting nursing school, I was a C-average student. I didn't think I'd be competent enough and make it through my second semester. I was told about SimpleNursing and purchased it immediately. Long story short, I graduated nursing school with honors and passed all of my classes with As and Bs only. I would have never been able to do that without the help of SimpleNursing. Nurse Mike teaches in the only way that I am able to learn and I cannot thank him enough.
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