21 Nursing Skills to Know

Nursing is a complex and challenging profession that requires a combination of technical, cognitive, and interpersonal skills. Therefore, students must learn a wide range of nursing skills, including basic clinical skills, patient assessment, medication administration, and critical thinking.

This commitment results in becoming competent and compassionate nurses.

Nursing Skills to Know

Some of the nursing skills that nursing students should know include:

  • Basic patient care. This includes tasks such as hygiene, bathing, feeding, and helping patients move around.
  • Vital signs monitoring. This involves checking a patient’s blood pressure, temperature, respiratory rate, and heart rate.
  • Medication administration. Nurses must be familiar with different types of medications and how to administer them to patients safely.
  • Patient assessment. Nurses must be able to assess patients’ physical and emotional status, including their pain level, and identify potential problems.
  • Wound care. Nurses must know how to properly clean and dress wounds to promote healing and prevent infection.
  • Infection control. Nurses must be familiar with infection control procedures and protocols to minimize the spread of infectious diseases.
  • Communication. Nurses must have strong communication skills to effectively communicate with patients, families, and other healthcare professionals.
  • To study nursing skills, students should use a combination of methods, including:
  • Practice. Nursing skills are best learned through practice, so students should take advantage of clinical opportunities to practice skills under the guidance of an experienced nurse.
  • Simulation. Nursing students can use simulation labs to practice skills in a controlled environment before working with real patients.
  • Reading. Students should read textbooks, journal articles, and other resources to learn about nursing skills and their applications.
  • Peer learning. Students can also learn from their peers by observing and collaborating with fellow nursing students.
  • Online resources. Many online resources are available for nursing students to supplement their learning, such as nursing forums, blogs, and YouTube videos.

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